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11 Must- Own Lipsticks By Manish Malhotra


I usually don’t create causal, everyday outfits, and makeup is my own way of giving you couture for every day of the week, and for every occasion- MANISH MALHOTRA. Are you also want lipsticks that are elegant, and from vintage collection by famous designer Manish Malhotra. Manish Malhotra’s collection of beauty products or clothes, both are very great. He launched his beauty range named MYGLAMM in 2018 and the products are very amazing and elegant. Bringing you quite a few beauty products and wide range of lipsticks making them favourite many of the women’s and make-up lovers. Whether you are a makeup enthusiast or a person looking to bask in luxurious cosmetics, here are 11 have to-have lipsticks by Manish Malhotra that deserve a place in every beauty lover’s collection.


Red Carpet Red: A Timeless Classic


Step into the spotlight with **Red Carpet Red**, a shade that embodies the essence of glamour and allure. This timeless classic is meticulously crafted to complement all skin tones, making it a staple for special occasions and evening soirées. With its rich pigment and satin finish, Red Carpet Red promises to make heads turn and hearts flutter. This is my personal favourite among all the lipsticks by Manish Malhotra.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra


Pink Blush: Effortless Femininity


Experience the delicate charm of **Pink Blush**, a shade designed to enhance your natural beauty with a hint of soft pink. Perfect for everyday wear, this lipstick effortlessly brightens your complexion while adding a touch of femininity.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra

Velvet Wine: Luxurious Opulence


Indulge within the richness of **Velvet Wine**, a deep and luxurious coloration that exudes sophistication and comfort. Inspired with the aid of the velvety tones of exceptional wine, this lipstick offers a creamy texture and severe shade payoff, ideal for folks who decide upon formidable and dramatic seems. Velvet Wine is your cross-to preference for nighttime activities and  while you need to make a announcement along with your make-up. This is the best selling lipsticks by Manish Malhotra.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra

Nude Elegance: Timeless Sophistication


Achieve understated elegance with **Nude Elegance**, a flexible nude coloration that enhances each skin tone. This lipstick blends seamlessly along with your natural lip color, imparting a cultured and complex look for any occasion. Whether you are at paintings or taking part in a night out, Nude Elegance enhances your lips with a subtle yet captivating appeal.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra


Coral Crush: Playful Vibrancy


Inject a burst of energy into your make-up recurring with **Coral Crush**, a colourful color that captures the essence of summer time. This playful coral hue adds warm temperature and radiance on your lips, making it ideal for sunny days and tropical getaways. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or exploring a beach destination, Coral Crush guarantees your lips are adorned with younger exuberance.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra

Berry Bliss: Alluring Sophistication


Discover the charm of **Berry Bliss**, a charming berry-toned lipstick that exudes sophistication and appeal. This color moves an appropriate balance between boldness and elegance, making it appropriate for each sunlight hours elegant and nighttime glam appears. Berry Bliss enhances your lips with a wealthy, velvety end that commands attention and leaves a lasting affect. This lipsticks by Manish Malhotra are crafted with love and care.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra

Mauve Magic: Subtle Chic


Embrace the appeal of **Mauve Magic**, a complicated colour that blends the softness of crimson with the attraction of pink. This muted but captivating colour enhances your lips with a touch of thriller and sophistication, making it a super desire for those who prefer subtle yet impactful make-up seems. Mauve Magic guarantees to elevate your splendor routine with its understated elegance and timeless enchantment.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra

Golden Glow: Radiant Glamour


Add a touch of radiance on your makeup appearance with **Golden Glow**, a shimmering golden coloration that exudes glamour and comfort. This lipstick gives a metallic finish that catches the mild, making it best for festive activities and celebrations. Whether you’re attending a gala or a marriage reception, Golden Glow guarantees your lips shimmer with unprecedented beauty and class.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra

Plum Passion: Intense Drama


Experience the allure of **Plum Passion**, an excessive plum coloration that captivates with its deep, velvety hue. This lipstick offers a formidable announcement with its rich pigment and matte end, ideal for folks who dare to include dramatic make-up appears. Plum Passion adds a hint of thriller and charm on your lips, making it a have to-have for night affairs and glamorous nights out.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra

Ruby Romance: Timeless Elegance


Fall in love with **Ruby Romance**, a traditional red colour that epitomizes undying beauty and class. Inspired through the romance of rubies, this lipstick gives a high-priced matte finish. Moreover, intense shade payoff that complements your lips with a formidable yet delicate appeal. Ruby Romance is perfect for creating a declaration lip that exudes self belief and appeal on any event.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra

Midnight Mauve: Enigmatic Charm


Unveil the enigmatic attraction of **Midnight Mauve**, a deep and mysterious color that captivates with its velvety smoothness. This lipstick combines the charm of nighttime colours with a hint of mauve, growing a  appearance that transitions effects from day to night time. Midnight Mauve provides depth on your makeup, making it a ought to-have for individuals who respect understated but impactful splendor.

lipsticks by Manish Malhotra

Each lipsticks by Manish Malhotra series is meticulously crafted to encompass his signature fashion and commitment to excellence. Whether you choose the formidable depth of Velvet Wine or the understated beauty of Nude Elegance. Those lipsticks by Manish Malhotra promise to elevate your beauty ordinary with colourful shades, and long-lasting formulation. Embrace the allure of lipsticks by of Manish Malhotra and discover a world in which beauty meets artistry. If you find any of the lipsticks by Manish Malhotra suits you, then please share your feedback in the comment box. If you want to read more articles then, you should visit our blogs page by CLICKING HERE.


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