best compact face powder for oily skin

4 Best Compact Face Powder For Oily Skin


Hello to all the beautiful women’s out there and also all the makeup artists. Are you also dealing with oily skin, moreover it can be a real task, right? Your makeup seems to be midday, and you’re constantly battling that unwanted shine. This is wherein the magic of the great compact face powder for shiny skin is available in. Choosing the proper you can still make all of the distinction in attaining a wonderful, matte finish that lasts all day. In this guide, we’ll dive into the entirety you need to know about the four nice compact face powders for greasy skin.


What is Compact Face Powder?

Compact face powder is a kind of makeup that comes in a pressed shape, generally packaged in a small, transportable compact. It’s designed to set basis, control shine, and give your skin a clean, matte finish. Unlike loose powder, compact powder is less messy and more convenient for on-the-pass contact-ups.


Benefits of Using Compact Face Powder for Oily Skin


Oil Absorption

One of the most important perks of the usage of the pleasant compact face powder for shiny skin is its ability to absorb extra oil. This helps preserve your skin searching fresh and shine-free all through the day.


Matte Finish

Compact powders are brilliant for accomplishing a matte finish. They assist minimize the appearance of pores and supply your skin a smooth, even texture.


Convenience for Touch-Ups

Compact powders are fantastic convenient. They fit without difficulty into your purse, making it simple to the touch up your makeup whenever, anywhere.


How to Choose the Best Compact Face Powder for Oily Skin


Ingredients to Look For

When shopping for the quality compact face powder for greasy skin, check the substances. Look for oil-absorbing additives like kaolin clay, silica. These elements assist control sebum manufacturing and maintain your skin matte.


Ingredients to Avoid

Avoid powders with heavy oils or fragrances, as those can clog pores and result in breakouts. Also, steer clean of powders with quite a few shimmer, as they can make oily skin look even shinier.


Considering Your Skin Tone

Choosing a coloration that matches your skin tone is vital. A mismatch can bring about an unnatural look or even make your pores and skin seem more oily.

Top Ingredients for Oily Skin in Compact Face Powders


Kaolin clay

Kaolin clay is a natural factor recognised for its oil-absorbing houses. It allows manipulate shine and decreases the advent of pores.



Silica is another excellent ingredient for oily skin. It absorbs excess oil and provides a smooth, matte finish.

Best Compact Face Powder For Oily Skin

Here I introduce the 4 Best Compact Face Powders for Oily Skin

Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless matte complexion compact powder

This is one of the best compact face powder for oily skin. Lakme 9 to 5 flawless matte complexion compact powder is designed for all-day perfection. It effectively absorbs the oil and sweat from face, keeping shine under control and ensuring your skin stays matte for hours. This compact powder helps to keep your skin hydrated and conditioned, also preventing dryness.

 Best Compact Face Powder For Oily Skin

L’Oreal Paris Presses Powder Foundation

The L’Oreal Paris Presses powder foundation from the True Match Line is an fantastic option for those who are seeking a lightweight, blendable setting powder. It gives perfect coverage, and blends in your skin. Moreover, this gives you matte finish that helps to look you clear and smooth. I personally recommend this compact powder because this is the best compact face powder for oily skin.

 Best Compact Face Powder For Oily Skin

Maybelline New York Loose Finishing Powder

It is the best compact face powder for oily skin because this is suitable for all skin types. This loose powder gives you shine all day and smooth’s your skin’s texture, thanks to its mineral-based formula. This formula makes it best for the oily skin. That’s why most of the people recommend this loose powder, because this is the perfect choice and best compact face powder for oily skin.

 Best Compact Face Powder For Oily Skin

Sugar Cosmetics – All set to go – Banana Powder

It is perfect for achieving the matte and oily free look. I used this Sugar banana powder and seems to be perfect and amazing for my skin. It suits all skin types and texture. It make the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles disappear. This powder absorbs oil from your skin and it is affordable. To use this, apply this powder and set it for like 5 minutes. This is also the best compact face powder for oily skin.

 Best Compact Face Powder For Oily Skin

How to Apply Compact Face Powder for Oily Skin


Cleanse and Moisturize: Start with a easy, moisturized face Even oily skin needs hydration!

Apply Primer: Use a mattifying primer to create a smooth base.

Foundation First: Apply your foundation before using the powder.

Use a Brush or applicator: Apply the compact powder using a brush, focusing on oily areas like around the nose and cheeks.

Blend Well: Apply the powder and let it set for 5 minutes. Blend the powder evenly for a natural look.

Touch-Up if required : Keep your compact in your purse or in handbag for touch-ups throughout the day.


Some Tips For Matte Look Throughout the Day


Blotting Papers

Blotting papers are really good and usable for oily skin. Use them to absorb excess oil without disturbing your makeup. Just place it in oily surface and let it absorb the oil from your skin and doesn’t ruin your makeup.


Setting Sprays

A good setting spray can help lock in your makeup and control shine for hours.


Touch-Up Techniques

Carry your compact powder for quick touch-ups. A light dusting will refresh your look without making it cakey.


Avoid Mistakes When Using Compact Face Powder



Using too much powder can make your skin look dry and cakey. Apply lightly and let it set for like 5 minutes and then blend it properly.


Wrong Shade Selection

Choosing the wrong shade can make your skin look unnatural. Test the powder on your jawline to find the best match.


Not Prepping the Skin Properly

Skipping moisturizer or primer can lead to uneven application. Always prep your skin before applying powder.

. Best Compact Face Powder For Oily Skin



How often should I reapply compact face powder?

– Reapply as needed, typically every few hours or when you notice shine.


Can I use compact face powder if I actually have touchy pores and skin?

– Yes, however select a powder with gentle, non-aggravating substances.


What’s the satisfactory manner to smooth my compact powder applicator?

– Wash it regularly with slight soap and water to save you bacteria buildup.


Is compact face powder suitable for all seasons?

– Yes, it could be used yr-round, however you might need to adjust the components or utility technique depending at the season. Use the powders in step with your skin and in step with your wishes.


Finding the satisfactory compact face powder for shiny skin can remodel your makeup routine. By choosing a powder with the right components, you may control shine, attain a clean matte finish. In the course of the day, Whether you opt for a high-give up, low-cost, or natural alternative, the key is to discover a product that works for your skin kind and tone. Remember to prep your skin nicely and keep away from common mistakes to get the excellent consequences. With the right compact powder, you can keep your oily skin looking clean and wonderful all day long. If you have any question you may share within the comment box. If you want like this article then you definitely ought to examine greater articles associated with skincare like you should study this article Top Rated Foundation for full coverage. Thank you for your valuable time.


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